considered to be the most organized and fanatical of all the orcs tribes, also the most feared.



The Vorbatan government is run by a single ruler. This ruler for all intents and purposes acts like a dictator. A person with absolute control over the country and everything that it does. This ruler may have various advisers but they always have the final say in any decision that occurs within their country.

This absolute comes with a single rule for upheaval. Any citizen of the Vorbat may challenge the leader for rule of the country. This challenge will be that of single combat in an open arena of the ruler's choosing. Any and all weapons and magics are allowed, they are simply not allowed to have any outside assistance. If either party is found to be cheating in any way the guards are honor bound to strike down the offender and declare the remaining person to be the new leader of the Vorbat.


The Vorbatan military is a hodgepodge of the various monstrous races that make up the country of Vorbat. The military leaders do their best to allocate each member of their forces to highlight their strengths in certain areas. An example of this would be placing Orcs on the front lines of an assault while they send a platoon of Goblins to attack the enemies flank while still driving them into the Orc assault. The combined forces of all of these different races makes for an enormous playbook for the Vorbatan generals to choose from as they continue their aggressive march across Stalichar

Society and Culture

The Vorbatan culture is an odd one. It is one that practices acceptance of all races, while still cursing those that have shunned the creatures that they have already accepted. It is a country that aggressive expands it's borders against all those who stand in it's way, and yet within it's borders declares a time of mutual peace.

It only provides two things that truly stand without question. The first being it's belief in strength. Only the powerful are to rule, and those beneath you are meant to be used as tools to further your agenda. The second being it's faith. All citizens of Vorbat are required to follow the Orc Pantheon specifically worshipping Fhagoth their god of blood and and their future. These two facts are shown in nearly every aspect of the Vorbatan life. If one is not strong enough to lead, they are forced to follow those who can.

Relations with Other Countries

Country Relation
Airatia Their towers will fall to our might just as those that came before will.
Bajrak Our brothers will see our strength and join in our conquest.
Bas'Bere Their armor and magics will not save them from our might.
Besela Their trees will burn as we raze their cities. None will stand after we have been through with them.
Genilli The little ones will bow to us before long. Their defenses are no match for our tactics.
Gijak We will show our brothers and sisters a new home away from the blistering sands, all they need do is join us.
Grumdurkr Their wall will not protect them from our wrath. 
Hagedis They believe themselves to be strong. The dragons they fought must have grown weak in their old age if these fools were able to defeat them.
Kralhen They have grown weak and complacent in their recent years. We will use this to our advantage.
Pedsheel The little ones offer such little trinkets to us. They too will kneel before our might.
Troiclu These humans eyes sparkle with greed. They will be useful to us in our conquest, or they will crumble like all the others.
Taria They believe they can convert us, but our gods will show us the way to strike down the heathens as we burn their cities. 















Geographic Locations

Vorbat Cities-Blinded

-Main Continent 


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