Halfling Country, recently created country given to the halflings. They are known for being traders above all else. Due to their typically nomadic personality have only recently been given homes by Kralhen insistence.



The Pedsheelen government is a loose one at best. The only government they operate is that of a republic, built on the various groups of caravans. This republic will typically only meet a single time per year, or in the most dire of circumstances. The republic is headed up by the eldest representing member. This representative will bring order to any proceedings that occur, but otherwise they have roughly the same power as any other member of the group might.


Have no military to speak of. The Pedsheelen people are a peaceful race, and until recently they did not have any lands to contest over. Any military might they have is only that of neighboring countries offering their protection in case of dire need. Otherwise Pedsheel will often refuse to fight against only the absolute necessary battles, and to their cunning minds they have yet to come across such a battle.

Society and Culture

The Pedsheelen society is built purely on trade. They are constantly moving and transferring their wares from one place to another. The only people that actually live in the nation of Pedsheel are mothers with very young children, elderly that have far past their prime, and those of that are not of the Halfling race.

The remaining Pedsheelens believe their calling to be out in the world, exploring the wonders that it offers. Nearly every country welcomes the Halfling nation. Knowing that the influx of new trade goods, along with the general revelry that seems to follow Pedsheel will be a welcome reprieve from the doldrums of their typical lives.

The inhabitants of Pedsheel are a jolly bunch always willing to share a tale or glass of good alcohol. They believe life is a gift that was meant to be shared by all those around you. Although, they also believe that if you squander that gift you are worth no more than the dung from their cattle. They absolutely abhor wastefulness in every sense of the word. They often need to share their belongings for the good of others, so seeing a man drown himself in excess and waste that which he does not use is unheard of.

Relations with Other Countries

Country Relation
Airatia While they may spend too much time stargazing, they're a friendly sort and usually have a good tale to tell.
Bajrak Brutish monsters, stay away from their camps at all cost unless you wish to be put on a spit roast.
Bas'Bere Good people to visit, but they never seem to buy much.
Besela Can't say much about them, we haven't been able to visit the stuck up Elves in centuries. 
Genilli They're good neighbors. Always willing to lend a hand when necessary, even if they always seem busy.
Gijak They seem like some of the only good Orcs, even if they're a bit gruff.
Grumdurkr If a normal Dwarf is drunken brute, then they must be double dwarfs or something.
Hagedis They're a bit mean spirited, but they always seem quick to buy something. But it's a little sad how easy they are to fool.
Kralhen Hardly their former glory, maybe one day we can help them rebuild.
Troiclu A little difficult to trade with, all these rules about who can sell what and where. But if they let you there's more than a few buyers.
Taria An odd folk, always spouting about god, but they're friendly enough.
Vorbat We're worried. They're starting to grow far faster than anyone expected.



Faer'Baer [The Open Sapphire]


Fenerf [Earthen Friend]

Gar'din [First Tool]

Widhed [diamond secret]


Calladfen [Hill Family]

Janjan [Blessed Home]

Kaerwann [Fire Illusion]

Owdin [Beloved tool]

Pinraer [Joyful Wind]

Geographic Locations


-Knife Continent 

Dwarf Kralhen

Human Hagedis

Human Troiclu

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