Dwarf Country, originally the leader of all dwarves, still attempts to be so. Known for their mining and diplomacy with all other races.



The Kralhen government is known as a Monarchy, however the King will almost never make a decision without hearing the opinion of his council of clans. The Council of clans are a representative of each major clan in the Kralhen nation. This number has been known to total nearly fifty different clans that all will attempt to make their claims of need against the crown. Although, when all things are said and done, it is the King or Queen's duty to make the final decision for the country.

Below the Monarchy are each of the Clan's representatives. These clans are what effectively make up the houses of every Dwarven citizen. All Dwarves are born into one clan or another and live their lives in service and brotherhood to. Each clan is put together differently according to their own rules and laws. Some may require military service in order to gain status, while others simply value the age and wisdom of their elders.


The Kralhen military is one of pure force. They attack in numbers as they push forward with strategic might. The troops are often outfitted with heavy armor and shields defending them from all but the most brutal attacks. They are not known for their speed, but instead known for being unable to be taken down. They fight until the last man, always pushing until they have assured their absolute victory by annihilating the opposition.

Society and Culture

The Kralhen people are primarily a mercantile group letting goods flow in and out of their lands as they use their trade routes to extend their still recovering influence that once spread across the entire Dwarven Continent. They are also the first to adapt boats made of metal, using the Pedsheel's designs as their own to create machines built from iron and steel to traverse lands that no creature ever thought possible until the Kralhen people finally took their chances with innovation.

Clans are an extremely important part of Kralhen life. Each Dwarf is born into a clan, a family that they will soon become an integral part of as they age. These clans raise the Dwarves from birth, and well into adulthood where they are often taught the trade and skills of their clan to become full members of their society. Politics and laws are often different between each clan, as the government typically leaves most judgments to the Clan heads allowing them to take care of any miscreants on their own terms.

They are a people of old ways and traditions only adopting the new strategies after their ways have been proven so ineffective that it would be absolutely foolish not to change their ways. This has caused a near stagnation in the Kralhen civilization. They are in a near refusal to advance, believing that the ways of old are the only way to do things, even if they may be flawed.

Relations with Other Countries

Country Relation
Airatia The Elves and their books, always with their eyes on the stars. They waste their time while the problems lay at their feet.
Bajrak Nothing more than Orcish Gutter trash. They will be swept away in time.
Bas'Bere They betrayed us. One day we will have our revenge against our brothers to the north. The Dwarven Kingdom will be whole once again.
Besela They hide behind their forests. They will never help those truly in need.
Genilli Tricky little ones, always experimenting. They sometimes come up with something useful.
Gijak The Orcish horde will never step foot within our borders.
Grumdurkr They may have betrayed us, but they still hold strong against the Orc's incursion. We cannot fault them for that.
Hagedis Allies of convience. We will give them land now, but in they will repay our kindess with intrest.
Pedsheel Additional trade routes are good, and the jovial company is always welcome in our lands.
Troiclu They want nothing but gold, they can be useful to us.
Taria They wish to turn us away from our Dwarven Heritage. We must be wary against them.
Vorbat Another Orc plot that will fail just as the ones that came before it.



Bari'rim [Mighty/(Crushing) King]


Bofren [Ancient Life]

Dolurt [Sword of the Battlerager]

Duerili [Dark Beard]

Garbere [Hand of the Bear]

Noramora [Mithral Seer]

Ov'rur [Wise Master]

Reirak [Vermin Hammer]










Thin Darohm

Geographic Locations


-Dwarven Continent




-Knife Continent





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