Worships a bit of everything, particularly the earth.

Name Alignment Purviews Favored Weapon 5e Domains Pathfinder Domains
Vastrata Lawful good Justice / Law / Revenge Longsword War, Light Law, Nobility, Good, Liberation
Sijara Lawful Neutral Travel / Protection / Trade Quarterstaff Life Travel, Protection, Sun
Nautenis True Neutral Coin / Luck / Fate Glaive Trickery Earth, Luck, Glory
Draibrea True Neutral Secrets / Love / Magic Dagger Knowledge Knowledge, Charm, Magic
Fragaith Chaotic Good Blood / Battle / Fame Greatsword War War, Glory, Chaos
Shigyath Neutral Good Death / Earth / Peace Battleaxe Life Death, Earth, Healing
Bahakum Chaotic Neutral Sea / Storms / Nature / Judgement Halbred Tempest, Nature Weather, Plant, Animal
Lyukaous Chaotic Neutral Love / Assassins / Chaos Maul Trickery Charm, Chaos, Death
Vinnatti Neutral Good Healing / Wine / Matron Morningstar Life Healing, Good, Water
Rothadal Neutral Evil Rot / beasts / Death Lance Trickery Vermin, Animal, Destruction, Evil
Nuipion Lawful Evil Night / Magic / Spies Shortsword Knowledge Darkness, Magic, Rune
Hararog Chaotic Good day / rage / fire / healing / life Scimitar Life, Light Sun, Healing, Fire, Chaos
Treseke Chaotic Neutral masks / art / trickery Handaxe Trickery Trickery, Luck, Void
Dolenum Lawful Evil pain / shadow / poison Spear and net Trickery Destruction, Darkness, Plant
Levenrog Lawful Good war / protection / life Shield War, Life War, Healing, Protection, Liberation
Marwastro Chaotic Evil Destruction / Evil / Chaos Maul War Destruction, Evil, Chaos, Maddness


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