Dwarf Country, known for their massive wall separating themselves and the other dwarf nations from the barren deserts controlled by the orcs.



The government of Grumdurkr is little more than a direct chain of command in their military. The highest ranking to be the General of War, and following which are the Generals, Colonels, Lieutenants, and so on. The Stratocracy follows the strict style of their military. Even slight misdemeanors are often treated as high crimes against the country. However, the death penalty is reserved for only the worst of traitors against the nation.


The Grumdurkr military is not one to be trifled with. It is required by law that every citizen give at least thirty years of their life under service of the military in some way. Typically this time will be spent guarding the wall in protecting not only themselves but their entire continent from the Orc menace, the Gijak that dare attempt to break their borders.

Because every Dwarf is drafted into service, they never seem to run out of hard working men and women for their military. In addition to this they are in a constant war with the Gijak they often see battle in one way or another. Although, other than this single conflict Grumdurkr typically will stay neutral to outside battles. They believe that the only battle they were ever raised to fight was against the Gijak to defend their borders

The Grumdurkr military is a well oiled machine of front line soldiers mixed with crossbowmen that line the tops of their walls. Their defensive movements have held the lines since the first days of the Dwarven Union.

Society and Culture

The Grumdurkr society is built on their traditions of order and service. As each Grumdurkran must serve at least thirty years in their military. Although, typically most Dwarves will often serve longer terms often upwards eighty to a hundred years, even more so if they excel in their duties. To them this service is not simply a requirement, but it is their duty as Grumdurkrans. As every man, woman, and child knows that they will one day be called upon to do their duty for their country.

This service hardens the Grumdurkrans against any and all outsiders. As they are raised by the military any life outside of it is often considered strange and alien to the isolated Dwarves. In addition, due to their life of battle, they find those who live simple lives or heavens forbid peaceful lives, to be little more than soft children that could be defeated by a Dwarven child.

Relations with Other Countries

Country Relation
Airatia They treat magic as if it is some sort of game. They need learn better respect for the tool.
Bajrak As all Orcs they will be slaughtered by our hands.
Bas'Bere They stand with us in times of need. Our brothers to the north will always be by our side.
Besela They may not have the walls of stone, but they are proud warriors like we are. We must treat them with respect.
Genilli Curious little fellows, but their defenses are admirable. 
Gijak Our war will not end until the last Orc is slain.
Hagedis They have taken our land, this transgression will not be forgiven.
Kralhen They have not only their previous corruptions but now they conceed land to outsiders. They are traitors to all of Dwarven kind.
Pedsheel They often come with trade of small things, but they never seem to have any useful weapons.
Troiclu They end their battles with coin and backstabbing, Humans will never know shame.
Taria They guard against themselves, if they do not tread lightly they will face a revolution of their own one day, and it will succeed. 
Vorbat We will defend our borders against any that dare oppose us.



Nalyur [Honorable Runes]


Dareral [Burning Heart]

Eritia [Pool of the Elders]

Fall'ral [Strength of the Heart]

Helgal [Sheild of the gods]

Urniunn [Skull of the Highborn]

Valgen [Dragon Stone]

Voniz [Tunnel of the Fox]





Geographic Locations


-Dwarven Continent



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