the desert roaming bands of orcs that have fought the dwarves since the dawn of time.



The Gijak are primarily run by the tribes and chieftains that form up their communities. These tribes rarely communicate outside of the occasional passing of the bands. The council, however, can be called upon by any chieftain if they believe it is necessary. When the gathering is called all leaders of The Great Tribes are honor bound to attend. If they do not establish their presence among the others their tribe is considered forfeit and may be conquered by any tribe that decides to move on it. There is a catch however. If the leader who calls the meeting does not provide a strong enough reason to meet, typically a great tragedy or impending doom that will effect all of the tribes, or at the very least a large percentage, then the leader in question's life becomes forfeit instead. The Gijak treat their political matters with absolute seriousness. As they each have their own duties and problems to face. To show one's face in crisis is to show weakness among the Gijak.


The Gijak have no true military. Although, every member of their tribes are fit to fight. Those that cannot handle the ways of the sword or axe are often cast out until they have proven themselves worthy to return to the tribe. The bands of tribes rarely stand together long enough to create any sort of military presence. Instead fighting in guerrilla war bands that strike where they can if need be.

These forces have known combat with only two enemies. First is the Grumdurkr and their cursed wall that traps them inside the borders of the desert that they have spent their lives surviving. The other enemy they believe is far more fearsome, the only enemy that no Orc is looked down upon from fleeing, and that is Dartak "The Mad". He is a collossal white dragon that terrorizes all of the Gijak tribes and finds pleasure in feasting on the green skinned creatures. They despise the Dwarves that keep them trapped in the wastes that the dragon inhabits, along with the Halflings that convinced the dragon to move southward and invade their lands.

Society and Culture

The tribes of Gijak are built on the principle of survival. They have been forced into a harsh and unforgiving lands with little chance for respite. These deserts have hardened their bodies and minds and care little for weakness. They only allow the strong to survive among them and those that are two weak to continue following are cast aside into the winds.

Even with their ruthless mentality the Gijak are not unethical. They have a strong foundation of honor. It may not be the same that many other civilizations believe in, but they do not believe in deception for simply the sake of deception. They uphold their laws with complete justice and do not stray from their paths.

Relations with Other Countries

Country Relation
Airatia They're so safe and protected in their towers, if only they knew the sufferring of the sands.
Bajrak They treat war as if it were a sport, they may be Orcs but they will be the death of us.
Bas'Bere They have all but forgotten their own strength relying on their magics. 
Besela They may hide in their forests, but they have proven to be strong warriors.
Genilli The world is more than simply a puzzle for one to solve.
Grumdurkr They stand high and mighty on their wall. One day it will come crumbling down and our people will finally be free of thiswasteland.
Hagedis They make deals with the Dwarves so therefore they are our enemy.
Kralhen Even their own people do not like them. It is only a matter of time before we cut their throats for this punishment they have given us.
Pedsheel The little ones have offered us some respite in their trade, and we will not turn down a peaceful offering. 
Troiclu They are willing to do anything for coin, they have no honor and should not be trusted.
Taria They are strong warriors and not to be trifled with. Albeit they area fanatics.
Vorbat The zealots will soon conquer all. If we are to survive we may need to stand beside them one day.











Geographic Locations

Gijak Cities-Barbed

-Dwarf Continent 


White Dragon Mountains

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