Gnomes country, known for their boat crafting expertise, they have assisted the halflings in their growing trade empires while they explore the world for whatever discoveries they can find.



The Genilli government is run by the highest class of nobles. Each of these nobles have a set dominion over the country of Genilli. These nobles often work together to create a civilization in which they can continue their rule from on high, while at the same time work to keep the citizens satiated with their current livelihoods.

The nobles are selected either by their birthright of previous land holdings, or if their stature has gained enough prestige to warrant a change in leaders. This exchange of leadership is rarely made without a great deal of strife by the previous title holders as they are unwilling to peacefully hand over their namesakes. Therefore the change in prestige often needs to be exceedingly great for this to occur.

The things that can alter this prestige are typically high advancements in technology or the arcane arts, developing especially grand pieces of art, be it music, artwork, or other mediums, or simply gaining an exceedingly large amount of wealth. Any method that is used must be proven to be truly worth while to show their new prestige.


The Genillian military is an odd sort among typical forces. They take a little bit of every method from the other countries. Primarily they use their neighbor's innovations on boats to create for themselves a strong navy. In addition to this they combine the Hagedisian military siege engines to create a strong border against their shores making it all but impossible to enter by sea. In addition to this they use the mountains to their back to defend themselves for most assaults that could ever enter their shielded borders.

Society and Culture

Genilli is built on the concept of always trying to better oneself. Be it through the arcane, through science, through the arts, any method is acceptable as long as you are trying to improve. For those who sit back on their laurels and let the time go by without doing anything is considered to be among the worst sins a Genillian can do.

Innovation and new concepts are paramount to the Genillian civilization. Every citizen is always looking for new things to try, new ways to improve upon what already exists. Their minds are the true test of what makes a Genillian truly wonderful.

Relations with Other Countries

Country Relation
Airatia They only seem to ever grow in their magic, but they may be useful.
Bajrak They know nothing but war and bloodshed. Monsters that will one day fall.
Bas'Bere Their advancements in armor and magical equipment surpass even our own. We must secure these secrets for ourselves.

They keep themselves trapped in their forest and know nothing of the world that surrounds them. Fools all of them.

Gijak They may be dim, but they must have some intelligence if they can survive so long. 
Grumdurkr Dwarves that sit on a wall... Do they know nothing other than combat?
Hagedis They learned how to defeat the great dragons, the secrets they must have plenty of useful secrets.
Kralhen During their fall their secrets were laid bare, even the we have stronger trade routes than they do now.
Pedsheel Our neighbors to the south. They seem like a jolly sort, and always have new treasures for us to explore.
Troiclu They are willing to do anything to satiate their greed, but sometimes a good mercenary is needed in the way of progress.
Taria They have given up on the arcane arts, how foolish of them, but they have at least advanced in other methods. Their future may not be for naught.
Vorbat The Hagedisians had better quell these monsters, they're beginning to grow out of control.



Indical [Beautiful Quest]


Inegalan [Blue field]

Llaldil [Home Shield]


Barisroy [Eternal Curse]

Furdal [Heritage provider]

Grenbrand [plenty courage]

Geographic Locations


-Knife Continent