Worships the stars

Name Alignment Purviews Favored Weapon 5e Domains Pathfinder Domains
Levalthed Neutral Good Heavens / Peace / healing Longbow Life, Light Healing, Sun, Protection, Void
Baelmaia True Neutral Wilds / Beasts / Hunt Scimitar Nature Plant, Strength, Animal
Naioro Lawful Neutral Nature / Agriculture / family Quarterstaff Nature Earth, Plant, Community
Sharolas Chaotic Good Fire / Passion / Beauty Rapier Light Fire, Chaos, Charm
Akethen Chaotic Neutral Wind / Freedom / Travel Shortbow Tempest Air, Liberation, Travel
Remsal Lawful Good Earth / Serenity / Home Spear Knowledge Earth, Law, Rune
Shadu'rin Neutral Good Water / Healing / Change Glaive Life Water, Healing, Weather
Nelanthist Neutral Good Students / Knowledge / History Shortsword Knowledge Knowledge, Rune, Good
Emronna Lawful Neutral Strategy / Protection / combat Longsword war Knowledge, Protection, War
Ruakishar True Neutral Death / Magic / Stars Dagger Light Death, Magic, Sun
Name Alignment Purviews Favored Weapon 5e Domains Pathfinder Domains
Ameclice Chaotic Evil Trickery / Beauty / Poison Whip Trickery Trickery, Chaos, Charm, Evil
Phaechagol Chaotic Neutral War / Necromancy Morningstar War War, Death, Destruction
Masildir Neutral Evil Progress / Science / Horror / Secrets Sickle Trickery Darkness, Maddness, Magic


Races in the Religion

Relations with other Pantheons

Pantheon Relationship
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