Vritabor is a sprawling world made up of several different countries. From the Stoic  Besela to the aggressive expansionist Hagedis.

  • Airatia a civilization built on the strength of magic, said to be where all magic comes from.
  • Bajrak a tribe of orcs known to be the most violent and bloodthirsty of all of the tribes.
  • Bas'Bere a country renouned for it's rich mineral deposits, particularly it's iron, mithril and Yuraz veins.
  • Besela a cloistered nation shutting itself off from the world, instead looking in on itself rather than let others interfere with it's inner workings. 
  • Gijak the desert roaming bands of orcs that have fought the dwarves since the dawn of time.  
  • Genilli a nation of futurists and innovators always seeking the future in any way that it might form.
  • Grumdurkr a military state focusing all it's might on defending it's borders from the monsters that might dare attack it's walls.
  • Hagedis a country built on expansion, constantly searching for new territory to conquer. While not warmongers, their military might is not easily matched.
  • Kralhen A wealthy country built off of tradition and the legacy of those who came before. 
  • Pedsheel a young nation of sailors only recently given independence after the land was gifted to a nomadic tribe of people for their deeds. 
  • Tarian A harsh people living off of hard ground until they formed the empire that stands today.
  • Troiclu a cunning group of people that came together for the sole purpose of attaining wealth, through any means possible. 
  • Vorbat considered to be the most organized and fanatical of all the orcs tribes, also the most feared