Dwarf Country, known for their near god-like craftsman ship and their comparably powerful magic infused armor.



The Government of the Bas'Beren people is that of a republic. Each Dwarven clan has a chosen representative that will act as their voice among the republic, acting out their will for their clan. These clans work together to build the future that they believe can show an even brighter future for their people.

Although, these clan meetings often end as little more than bureaucratic squabbling. The government of Bas'Bere is notorious for rarely coming to a joint decision without almost excessive concessions. Every clan only truly sees the bright future for their own people, wanting only the best for their own rather than reaching an agreement that is beneficial for all their people.


The Bas'Beren people are not a particularly aggressive group of people often choosing instead to be as neutral as possible unless directly provoked. After the Dwarven Revolution the Bas'Beren people prefer to remain outside of all conflicts. While they are not a weak group of people, they know their strengths are not on the front lines against many of the more war like countries that cover the world.

The Bas'Bere military is also considered to be the most well outfitted military in all the world. They make up for their lack in physical strength with the ingenuity with technology and their enchanted equipment. Nearly all of their equipment uses their Yuraz ore in some way to empower their equipment for above that of any normal soldier. It is said a knight powered by Yuraz is worth that of ten men without the stone.

Society and Culture

The Bas'Beren people have taken to their craft as a fish might to water. Their society is built on the principle of crafting something new, something valuable, something to impress those that came before. To do this nearly every citizen of Bas'Bere are a craftsman of some sort, whether they be a jeweler, mason, blacksmith, or one of the other many jobs that they pride themselves on.

This pride is not however without humility. Every craftsman in Bas'Bere knows that out there, there is someone who can create something better than they can, a reason for them to continue to improve themselves so that they may bring honor and glory to their people. If this means to make a particularly wondrous pendant, or instead a sword of gleaming martial prowess is purely dependent on the craftsman at hand.

Relations with Other Countries

Country Relation
Airatia They have unlocked many secrets of magic that we have yet to discover. Now only if half of the secrets were useful.
Bajrak Bloodthirsty monsters, they will fall just as any Orc will.
Besela We still don't quite understand them. Locked away in their forests, but always so serious these ones.
Genilli Very useful they are. Always finding new uses for our old tools, a wonderful worker if there ever was one.
Gijak They attack our land for centuries, will they ever learn that no one can get past the Grumdurkr
Grumdurkr Bunch of crude soldiers that know nothing of life off the wall. But their strength is clear, we cannot abandon them.
Hagedis Their arrogance is beginning to grow irritating. If they dare step into our mines we will have a problem on our hands.
Kralhen The old kings have finally brought themselves out of the dirt we buried them in. Maybe now they can become something worth honoring again.
Pedsheel The little ones are fascinating, always a good tale to tell.
Troiclu We do not trust these humans. They're too greedy for their own good, one day they will see where greed gets you, but for now we'll play along.
Taria They treat magic as if it's given by the demons, little do they know it is the gods that have given us this gift.
Vorbat Their forces continue to grow, but pressed between the Hagedisians, they will soon destroy each other.



Valgan [Dragon/Magic Mason]


Anain [Giant Striker]

Baloric [Angry Judge]

Dorashar [red moon]

Har'kralor [Stalwart hall of riddles]

Marani [Gold Bearer]

Olrra [Large Root]

Oririn [Gem People]

Urniak [Death Axe]

Whuraim [Iron Slayer]





Dhogh Dural






Geographic Locations

Bazbere Cities-Forge

-Main Continent




-Central Continent



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